by kendraannie

Processed with VSCO with x1 presetThe path to believing you are a bad mother is frequently travelled. There are a plethora of questions you can ask to doubt yourself

•Am I doing enough educational activities?

•Am I using the best brand of diapers?

•Am I balancing work and family well?

The world provides you with a never-ending list of things you should be achieving. You can become filled with doubt and guilt.

I could easily allow myself to believe the lies, and occasionally I do. But I recently had an experiential epiphany that has instead led me to believe that I am indeed a pretty good mother. And I hope you can believe that about yourself as well.

I recently returned home from a shopping trip in a car filled with Christmas gifts. My son was buckled in nice and snug in his car seat with a fuzzy blanket to keep him warm. Nat King Cole’s “The Christmas Song” was playing ever so softly on the radio. I peered back to see my son’s eyes drifting off as he fought the urge to fall asleep.

It was a beautiful moment. So beautiful, in fact, that I felt the need to record it on my phone. I don’t want to forget that moment. As I replayed the video, I thought, “You know, I’m a pretty good mom.”

Here’s why.

There are many children in the world that don’t experience any form of love. Some are left in orphanages to learn that no one will attend to their cry. Some are abused physically or verbally. Some are treated as though they are a burden. Some have mothers that are addicted to drugs.

And here my son is. His mother covered him with a warm blanket  while it is cold outside, while he falls asleep to a gentle Christmas song. He has not ever known abuse or abandonment. He feels safe. He knows I will always be there for him when he calls out to me. And he is covered in love and affection daily.

He is so loved.

That’s probably the greatest gift you can give to your child next to the love of Christ.

I will fail at many things in the future. I’ll probably let some screen time go on for too long some days, I might regretfully raise my voice, I’ll forget about signing him up for some sports camp.

But I’ll always be a place he can feel warm, safe, and loved.

I think I’m a pretty good mom for that.

And you, reading this, chances are you’re a pretty good mom too.