by kendraannie


I am the child of parents affected by racial wars.
I have a mother who could not ride in the same train car as my father.
I have a father who could not be seen holding the soft hands of the woman he loved in public.
I have beautifully mixed blood as a product of their love.
While my parents were not in the thick of the racial wars in America, they are incredibly familiar with Apartheid.

Today I stumbled upon the LIFE Magazine archives of photographs of the Ku Klux Klan and I felt compelled to write.

The tears will not cease.

How can ANY race ever believe they are superior to another?
How can any race worship the same God and not worship together?
How can any race not look into the eyes of another that GOD Himself knit together and see that a heart and soul lie behind them?

Laws make us equals.
But some hearts still view themselves as higher.

How can anyone profess the name of Jesus and still hold hate and resentment in their hearts towards the beautiful souls he created?

Lord, make us colorblind!
Let us celebrate uniqueness of skin but never discriminate.
Let us only see each other as brothers and sisters in your name.

I urge you all
remove the
white gown
with cut out holes
pointed hat
Off. Of. Your.

1 John 2:9
Whoever says he is in the light and hates his brother is still in darkness.

Romans 2:11
For God shows no partiality.