freedom to fail.

by kendraannie


As a woman, I’m confident that many of you have read Proverbs 31. A proverbial list of characteristics of a good wife.

At a glance, I honestly felt a little overwhelmed.

I thought, “Um. Okay. So I have to do all these things and then God will love me and my husband will love me and great, let’s go ahead and give it a whirl! I can open my hand to the poor. I can rise while it is yet night. I can provide food for my household. I got this.”

Just picture a black-and-white television housewife circa 1950. That was me for about a month. A clean house. Dinner on the table. Coffee made in the morning. And out the door with a kiss.


The Lord swiftly {and sweetly} showed me how imperfect I am. At how none of those things matter if I am not looking to God as my foundation.

Let’s look back at this list of characteristics of an excellent wife.
The title of this proverb in and of itself tells me how much I need Jesus.
“A woman who fears The Lord”
While her deeds are good, they are meaningless if she is not seeking God.

The Lord needs to come first. The Lord gets my attention. And only by the love of The Lord can I serve my husband. And only by the grace of The Lord can I see that in serving my husband, I am serving Christ! The first desire of my heart has to be to serve The Lord.

I thank God that I can never be the perfect “Proverbs 31 woman” {as so many call her}. Because I will never be perfect.

This list of characteristics reminded me of the many laws given throughout the bible. This list reminded me that God gave us laws to show us that we can never keep them all. Laws to show us how imperfect we are. Laws to show us that we need the sweet blood of Jesus to cover our sins.

I am thankful that I have the freedom to fail under His blood {not a license to fail}.
I am thankful that Christ is perfect so that I do not have to be {even though I desire to be like Christ and try to be every day}.
I am thankful for unwashed dishes in the sink every now and then.
I am thankful for the days I don’t have dinner on the table.
I am thankful for a husband that does not ever expect me to be a black-and-white housewife circa 1950.

I am thankful for the unending grace and mercies of Jesus.
I am thankful for Jesus.